This is Scout he's our male F1B Mini Goldendoodle. He weighs in at 24lbs. He has an ideal thick curly coat. He's very athletic and he loves to play fetch. He's very attached to our two year old son and he's almost always by his side.Scout's favorite activities include playing fetch, chasing toddlers, walking beside the stroller and chin scratches.
This is Joy AKA Muffin. She's our female F1B mini goldendoodle. She weighs 14lbs. We just adore Joy. She has the sweetest disposition and the patience of a saint. She loves our little boys and has such a great attitude towards them. She is also a wonderful mother! She is naturally so gentle. Joy's favorite activities are laying on the couch and recieving belly rubs.

Poppy girl is the newest addtion to our doodle family. She is a multigenerational goldendoodle. Her coat is fantastic and just like that of a teddy bear doodle. She weighs right at 18lbs. She is a sweet cuddle bug Poppy loves chasing our cat Leo (her BFF) and playing with our boys. She's been such a fun addtion to our home.

Brittney with our Doodles